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Subscription to SPHERE

“I really value the extra support membership has given me. I would recommend everyone to join if they have any concerns. The meetings have helped me to calm down and accept something I was originally horrified about. It is now only an occasional nuisance. I also met my new partner through the ‘Let’s Get In Touch’ service and we are getting married next month.”
Sarah James (Bristol)

You subscribe on line here.

Or if prefered, you can post a cheque for 25 to the HVA, 41 North Rd, London N7 9DP with the information we will need to send out the journals and leaflets: your name, address - and the specialist leaflets needed - see list below.

You can phone in to the office on 020 7607 9661 on weekdays between 10 am and 8 pm (most evenings) to pay with a credit or debit card.

As well as the current SPHERE journal, you will get lots of useful leafets (see list on subscription page) and you can choose three from the following (any extras cost 25p each):

  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • talking to partners
  • a leaflet for a new partner that isn't scary!
  • summary of tips to prevent recurrences
  • transmission and autoinoculation
  • antibody type testing
  • antiviral drugs fact sheet
  • lysine-arginine diet
  • Elagen, herbal immune builder - a report on the controlled trial
  • Olive Leaf Extract - a report on our successful trial showing how much it helped
  • shingles
  • cold sores.

Tell us if you would like a large print version: we'll photocopy the material double-sized on A3 paper for you. Or you can have the material sent by email which will allow you to blow it up as required. Or you can have the material sent to you on tape.